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BRIGHTON BUCKET LIST: Brighton Bandstand

Brighton is so close to London and is the perfect destination for a weekend trip! It’s only an hour away by train and has tons of cool things to do as it’s a decently sized city…with a beach! Here’s a run down of all the things Brighton.

Brighton Bucket List: Things To Do in Brighton

Admire Brighton’s street art

Brighton has earned international reputation over the last few years for its stunning and original graffiti artwork dotted around the city. Check out a replica of Banksy’s ‘Kissing Cops’ at Prince Albert’s Pub as well as the Music Mural in the same place. If you are into street art you can find more arts locations here.


Take a cycling tour of the city

Take this Grand Brighton Bike Tour as soon as you hop off the train. You can also enjoy the city at twilight by taking this 1 hour 30 minute tour visiting iconic landmarks, through Brighton’s colourful past to the present. Discover the real history of Brighton. There are many stops along the way, and a great chance to take some haunting photos!

Get brunch and buy vintage clothes at North Laine

North Laine has a happening, bohemian vibe with vegetarian cafes, vintage clothing stores, and jewelry stalls centred on busy Kensington Gardens pedestrian road. The vintage stores are really well curated and have prices that are a lot more reasonable than London’s.

Visit The Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

In the Cultural Quarter, the 19th-century Royal Pavilion will draw your attention with its Indian-style domes and minarets, it’s stunning! The nearby Brighton Museum & Art Gallery has art and local history displays, and music fans head to gigs at Brighton Dome arts centre.


Ride a rollercoaster in Brighton Palace Pier

Take a stroll down the legendary Brighton Pier and ride the crazy super booster, visit the horror hotel, win a giant teddy or just relax in a deckchair and enjoy the view with some fish and chips. Careful with the seagulls, I’ve seen them attack those carrying fresh donuts!

Get lost in The Lanes

The Lanes are a collection of narrow lanes famous for their small, independent shops (including several antique shops) which are great to browse around.

Watch the sunset from British Airway’s i360

The British Airway’s i360 is the world’s tallest moving observation tower. I was skeptical about visiting it because of the price but it was great to view Brighton from above, specially as there is loads going on design wise on the city’s rooftops. I’d recommend you visit to see the sunset. The visit is brief, but enough to take loads of photos and appreciate the unique view.

BRIGHTON BUCKET LIST: British Airway's i360
BRIGHTON BUCKET LIST: British Airway’s i360

Get funky photos at the Upside Down House

The upside down house is just that, an upside down house where you get to take optical illusion ‘upside down’ photos. Super fun for kids and grownups alike!

Relax at the beach

Brighton’s beachfront is cool and legendary. There’s always something going on, as well as bars all across the beachfront to enjoy a drink while gazing at the waves.

Have a cocktail at Bohemia Brighton

Bohemia Brighton’s cocktails are spectacular! They have unique presentation, for many of them dry ice is used which means there’s smoke and bubbles floating around making it even more fun.

Do Pride

Brighton Pride has become one of the most fabulous Pride Festivals in the UK. It’s a celebration of all that’s great about the city and its vibrant LGBT community. There’s usually a concert in Preston Park and loads of events across the city.

Get champagne and oysters at Riddle and Finns

With branches in The Lanes and, even better, overlooking the beach, Riddle and Finns has risen to a household name in quality seafood, oyster and Champagne dining.

Get your dose of comfort food at JB’s American Diner

JB’s American Diner is one of Brighton’s unique eccentricities. It’s a tribute to the classic American Diner from the 50’s rock n’ roll, with dining booths and stars n’ stripes flying proud. Admire the memorabilia as you eat your way through the delicious USA themed menu including shakes, burgers and steaks. Don’t forget to visit the toilets!

Mesmerise at the dancing flock of starlings

One of the most incredible things about Brighton is that the starlings dance at dawn and dusk; mostly around Brighton Pier. Watching them is a show of its own. Don’t forget to look!

Take cute picture’s at Brighton’s Bandstand

Brighton’s Bandstand is gorgeous! I find that it’s not as appreciated and usually not very busy. Make a point of stopping by for a few minutes when you walk the beachfront.


Brighton Bucket List: How To Get To Brighton

Trains from London to Brighton leave from London Bridge, London Victoria or London Blackfriars with several departures an hour. Get your ticket here.

Brighton Bucket List: Where To Stay In Brighton

Find Brighton’s best rated hotels, ordered by price, here.

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