craft tooting

craft beer tooting

Argentina has shitty beer. At least it did when I left over four years ago, I’m aware it’s got better, but then it was hard to escape Quilmes, Heineken or Stella Artois and only a few craft beer bars where around. Getting to London was a total upgrade. So many options in the bars and pubs, beer brands from all over Europe. But I still had to get to the next beer level, so I discovered craft beer bars, shops and the Bermondsey beer mile, which is essentially a bunch of awesome craft breweries all located within approximately one mile. I’ve written a detailed guide to it here. But those breweries are not open to the public all the time, so how do I get my craft beer fix the rest of the time?

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palm vaults

palm vaults coffee

On a certain Sunday I decided to pop over to the Palm Vaults in Hackney. I’ve always wanted to go as it’s a vegan cafe and well, I’m a vegan. But I have to be very honest, it was the rainbow lattes and pink glitter coffees I saw on a Facebook video in my feed that gave me the last push.

So there I was after over an hour commute from Tooting on Mare Street in Hackney. Didn’t look like much from outside. It was a cold Sunday in December so the windows from the cafe where all steamy hence I couldn’t really see inside.

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cahoots london

Visiting Cahoots in London

My dad & sis came to visit me a few weeks ago and I was faced with the task to look for things to do in the evening. And then, I found Cahoots!

cahoots london

Cahoots it’s a 1946 tube-themed cocktail bar. A tubed theme bar and going back in time sounded good enough! We Londoners love immersive experiences, so I decided to take the plunge and made a reservation.

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Every true Londoner knows and has visited Brick Lane multiple times. This vibrant street is one of the most famous of the city, and is the perfect medicine for Sunday blues. Because, if it’s Sunday, Brick Lane didn’t get the memo.

There is so much to do, see, eat and drink. But the main visual attraction is street art. Just keep your eyes very open, it’s everywhere and all around!

Now, to help your Brick Lane visit I’ve created a map which you can save.

brick lane

And now, let’s get started! 
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