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Bermondsey Beer Mile
Bermondsey Beer Mile

Disclaimer: I wrote this article on the Bermondsey Beer Mile as I was starting my travel + London blog and it became insanely popular. As such, I will update it every 2 months as there are more and more breweries appearing in the area by the minute. The last updated date is at the top of the article.

Are you a beer fan and a londoner? Or maybe just a beer fan visiting the city? Then you must not miss the Bermondsey Beer Mile!

Turns out that Bermondsey has become the hub for microbreweries in London. And the good news for you is that they open as taprooms so you can go taste their golden liquid right from the brewery. What’s even better is that they are conveniently located in a straight line over a mile. Hence why it’s called the Bermondsey Beer Mile. That, my friend, makes the perfect beer crawl.

Scared of getting hungry? Well fear not. There are also three food markets conveniently located along the Bermondsey Beer Mile. I’ve created a map for you to follow and I’ll walk you through the whole thing.

Don’t want to do this on your own? Luckily the folks at UK Brewery Tours have got you covered with three amazing tours of the Bermondsey Beer Mile area:

  • Bermondsey Microbrewery Experience: My top pick! Visit a number of breweries on the Bermondsey Beer Mile, learn about how beer is made, tour the equipment, speak to the brewers and sample the beers straight from the taproom. It’s been going on since 2014 and the guides are super knowledgeable: I did it with beer writer Des de Moor.
  • Bermondsey Beer Tasting Tour: A guiding tasting tour of three of the Bermondsey Beer Mile venues listed below.
  • Bermondsey Cheese Meat and Beer Tour: For those who want some food paired with their beer!

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London’s Best Immersive Experiences: Otherworld

Looking for immersive experiences in London? Well, good, because I’m a London immersive experience expert. Whenever an immersive experience launches in London, I’m there no matter how weird it is. If you know someone that passionate about immersive experiences in London please let me know in the comments, I would love to meet them!

Below London’s best immersive experiences that I have tried and tested, organised by type. This article gets updated regularly, check the last published date for the latest update time.

London’s All-encompassing Immersive Experiences

London’s immersive experiences where it’s about the experience itself rather than the drinks or food (even if they are available).

Secret Cinema

The mother of immersive experiences in my opinion, Secret Cinema was founded in 2007 and specialises in immersive theatrical experiences based on film and television, combining film screenings with interactive performances in purpose-built bespoke sets. In simpler terms, imagine being able to step into your favourite film, to interact with the characters, dressed as one of them and hence becoming part of the story yourself. That’s Secret Cinema! It has been held on movies like Back to the Future, Star Wars, Casino Royale and currently, on Stranger Things. Book it here.


Otherworld is a virtual reality immersive experience where you step into a beautiful parallel world, an island. In this world you can choose any from sixteen very fun VR experiences. And it’s 4D which means you’ll be able to feel the heat from the sun was you emerge from a cave, or the wind as you gush down a tunnel. Once you are done adventuring, you can enjoy one of their exotic cocktails in a futuristic setting. Book it here.

London’s Best Immersive Experiences: ABQ

London’s Cocktail Immersive Experiences

London’s immersive experiences where you drink delicious cocktails while you have immersive fun!


ABQ is the immersive experience where you prepare and drink molecular cocktails from an RV dressed in a. Did it take you back to Breaking Bad? Well it’s on purpose. Learn more here.


This cocktail immersive experience has been around for a long while, and it’s now open in two London locations: Shoreditch & Covent Garden. Drink cocktails from a prison cell with your in-mates (pun intended). You need to sneak in your own booze thought, past the warden. Book Alcotraz here.

London’s Best Immersive Experiences: Cahoots


Cahoots it’s a 1946 tube-themed cocktail bar, so get ready for some underground fun! It’s also been around for a while but has only more recently expanded its usual venue to include a Tickets Hall & Control Room, for more fun. Learn more about Cahoots here.


Moonshine Saloon

To all the cowboys out there, Moonshine Saloon is where you get to drink delicious cocktails in a Wild West Saloon. You’ll have a cowboy hat and jacket, obvs, and you need to bring your own liquor. Just make sure the sheriff doesn’t find out. Learn more here.

London’s Best Immersive Experiences: Pirates of the Hidden Spirit

Pirates of the Hidden Spirit

Drinking cocktails in a real boat docked somewhere in central London dressed as a pirate. Didn’t think that was possible? Well in London it is. Learn more here.

London’s Best Immersive Experiences: The Bletchley

The Bletchley

Are you into solving cryptic missions? In The Bletchley involves drinking cocktails while solving secret missions, and de-coding encrypted messages even using an enigma machine! Warning: it involves defusing a bomb. Learn more here.

London’s Dining Immersive Experiences

London’s immersive experiences where multi-course dining is part of the experience to spark all the senses!

The Grand Expedition

Gingerline’s The Grand Expedition is an unmissable 5-course, culinary journey around the world. It’s a fusion of live animation, dance display, flavoursome delights and exquisite set design. Might be hard to believe, but this experience all happens in one room, with the performances, interactions and animations all happening around you. Learn more here.

The Murdér Express

Travel to Pedley Street Station and hop into The Murdér Express for a train journey and delicious 4-course meal while you also work on solving a murder that happens on board. This London immersive dining experience is funny, exquisite and loads of fun. Book it here.

Dans Le Noir

In Dans Le Noir you enjoy a multi-course dinner in the dark. Yes, pitch black, probably the darkest dark you have ever been in. It’s something I believe everyone should do at least once, it’s an unforgettable experience, which simply can’t be explained. You need to experience it yourself! There are various menu choices available, with or without wine pairing. Book it here.

Past London Immersive Experiences

A section dedicated to London’s immersive experiences that no longer are.

Journey to the Underworld

Similar to The Murdér Express, Journey to the Underworld is an immersive dining experience where you hop into a train while enjoying delicious food. But this train is going somewhere rather daunting: the Underworld. Learn more about it here.

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SHOP MY LOOK – Tuscany Roadtrip Itinerary: Florence

The day came when I finally visited Tuscany! I had long longed for this dreamy destination after seeing so many movies that feature it: Under The Tuscan Sun, Life is Beautiful, Stealing Beauty, etc and just word out there about how wonderful it is.

Tuscany Roadtrip Itinerary: How to get to and around Tuscany

The best way to get around Tuscany is with a car as there are so many small towns to visit not easily reachable with other forms of transportation, so for my visit to Tuscany I planned a roadtrip itinerary which came out just perfect. I recommend you book a car using Rentalcars, get full insurance, and avoid Goldcar and any other brands that are ridiculously cheap and not international. I’ve heard horror stories from them. On my trip to Tuscany I got Alamo and it was perfect, you’ll be fine with any other well known brands such as Avis, Budget, Europcar, Enterprise,Hertz, National, etc.

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Journey to the Underworld was the first Funicular Productions immersive experience I went to. As an immersive experience lover, I have this itch to attend all of them and Journey to the Underworld had great reviews. Also, I had peeked the menu in their website and it looked amazing. And they are able to cater for vegans!

I arrived to Pedley Street Station in Hackney where the experience was to take place and was greeted by a rather zombie-like man in the ticket office who gave us the ticket so that we could shortly board the train. His assistant monsters took our coats and bags.

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