For this Femme Luxe haul, got a lot of cute items as usual! I chose black trousers, a beautiful cream / light long sleeve bodysuit and animal print black trousers. I hope you are excited as I am about this Femme Luxe haul.

It’s sometimes hard to find classy and elegant items in Femme Luxe, but you know, those who seek shall find. The look for this brand is pretty slinky and I have a much more elegant look but being flexible and thinking creatively allows me to find items I love even if I don’t have the shape or look of the model that they use which I believe is their regular customer. My favourite item of this haul were the black trousers, it’s hard for these not to be elegant. I wasn’t a huge fan of the animal print trousers, they don’t look too classy, but I’m very extreme and don’t use animal print at all so that might be why. You might like them, I just have quite strict rules on what I wear.

I styled the black straight leg trousers by pairing them with a cream coloured blouse which is what I usually wear, then balanced out the colours by wearing cream coloured shoes. The result is very classy and elegant. Trousers are comfy but you do need to size up as the zip isn’t the strongest or sturdiest and they can easily break if you have been seeing a lot of gains in the gym. So my advice: have them comfy vs tied to the skin. These go with everything, just noting they don’t stretch so that’s something to keep in mind with them, so again if you have quite a curvy body make sure to size up as needed. They are kind of flared in the bottom even if they are described as straight, although not too flared of course, so they make quite a nice shape. I recommend these, specially if you are a skinny girl then they’ll make you look more curvy I think.

Next, I styled the long sleeve bodysuit with jeans and a beige / cream blazer and beige shoes. The shape of the bodysuit is unique, which I love as it’s off shoulder but you can pull the sleeves to the position you like or prefer. It’s quite tight to the skin and it’s hard to get on but once on it looks amazing and keeps you super warm due to the material of the t-shirt and the tightness. The edges have rubber so that it doesn’t slip which is great. The colour is unique and the material is ribbed, and stays tight to the body so you need to be comfortable with this. It’s definitely not suitable for summer, but perfect for really cold winter days and really chic and versatile.

Last, I got the animal print black trousers. The print texture is like rubber on top of the black fabric, so it’s pretty subtle. The fabric is nice although different from what I expected from seeing the photos on the website. It comes with an adjustable belt. They are really, really comfy and have two pockets. They are perfect for work specially if you don’t want to wear something that is too tight. I’ve styled them with a beige blouse and stylish rounded toe shoes. Depending how you style them due to the print, you can dress them up or down and give it more rocker vibes, if you were to use black boots and a white t-shirt with a print for example. You can also style them with a white or blue shirt, or with a sleeveless top if you want to be use them while being comfy going out at night. If you do so, pair them with high heels.

What do you think about this haul? What was your favourite Femme Luxe item? Already getting items for my next one, I’ve eyed up some more elegant outfits that look great and I’m looking forward to try them. As usual, can’t wait to see what Femme Luxe has in store for the winter season this year. Would love to know your thoughts on this one as well.

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